How To Clear Cookies On iPhone?

How to clear cookies on iPhone

What is a cookie? A cookie is actually a piece of data that a site puts on your device, so it can remember you when you try to visit it again. First and foremost reason of clearing cookies is due to privacy purposes and to remove personal data from a …

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How To Get Spotify Premium Free On iPhone?

How to get Spotify premium free on iPhone

Spotify free users are allowed to enjoy Spotify Music but with the limited functions, like the shuffle-only listening mode, the bundled ads, online listening mode and etc. They cannot fully enjoy the Spotify in free with Spotify premium trial they have to pay the bill. But there is a way …

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How To Block No Caller Id On iPhone?

How to block no caller id on iPhone

Receiving repeated calls from unknown numbers is just irritating for everyone. Nothing can be worse than persistent calls from blocked, unknown, and private callers with no caller id.No caller ID calls can occur on any smartphone and they are like normal phone calls but they hide their identification removed from …

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How To Buy More Storage On iPhone?

How to buy more storage on iPhone

Oh, you need more space on your iPhone? Making and managing Space on your phone is a very difficult modern worlds, everyone has a large amount of data in their phones. Everyone wants more space on their phone due to the bulk of applications on the phone. Here are …

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How To Change Apple ID Password?

How to change apple id password

It’s time to discuss in detail how to change apple id password. In your iPhone your Apple ID password is what through which you access to iTunes, share photos via iCloud, utilize iMessage—and much more. But fear not in this situation, changing your Apple ID password on iPhone is very …

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How To Recover Deleted Messages On iPhone

How to recover deleted messages on iPhone

If you’ve ever needed more storage space on your iPhone, you might have noticed that the Messages app takes large space in your phone. The file is quite large and you can’t delete it one by one so you sometimes prefer deleting all at once. But after doing that you …

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How To Get Spotify Premium?

How to get Spotify premium

Music streaming startup Spotify is one of the most popular apps which offers a repository of content that’s almost unsurpassed. Notwithstanding the Global brand name and an extremely tight community, unfortunately, Spotify isn’t accessible in each and every country. To enjoy its full experience in and you’ll need a VPN. …

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How To Delete Apps On iPhone 7?

How to delete apps on iPhone 7

Certain iPhone 7 apps look great when you study about them in theory, but once you’ve downloaded them, you realize they’re not as good as the description or reviews made out about this app.  Maybe you’ve just stopped using an app because you’ve found something better than the one you …

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