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How To Locate A Cell Phone Position Free Online

If you need to locate a cell phone position free online, you can use GPS. Which stands for “global positioning system,” and it was developed by the United States Department of Defense. GPS with the help of GPS receiver calculates the user’s position by precisely timing signals that are being sent by GPS satellites that are in orbit above the earth. Increasingly, every iPhone handsets include GPS as one of their functions.

Locate A Cell Phone Position Free Online Through Find My Phone:

Anyone using iPhones will most likely be really enthusiastic about hearing about an awesome program that’s available especially for the iPhone. This particularly awesome cell phone locator program is named Find My iPhone. It’s free to download and install and use but you need to sign up for something named MobileMe. If you wish to test it, you are able to test MobileMe for sixty days free of charge but when you choose to stay using the application, you will have to pay out $99.00 for a one year service.

Once you have the program set up and operating on your telephone, and you have signed up for MobileMe, it is fairly simple to make use of Find My iPhone to find a misplaced or even stolen mobile phone. All you’ll need to do is use an Internet-connected computer and sign into your own MobileMe account using your security password. After that with a press of a computer mouse, you will have the ability to locate a cell phone position free online displayed on a map on your computer display. That’s of course if your telephone is actually switched on and inside a mobile phone cellular coverage location. Here is the complete method of how to track a cell phone location without them knowing?

Locate a cell phone position free online through Find my Phone
Locate a cell phone position free online through Find my Phone

Setup Your Device

To locate a cell phone position free online when you start using iPhone you will need to set up the device so it can be tracked. If you do not activate this feature you will not be able to search for it. To activate the feature, open Settings and then select iCloud.If you are not signed into iCloud, enter your Apple ID and password to sign in iCloud. Once iCloud is active, then set the Find My iPhone to the ON position. Make sure you do this on all your kids’ devices. You shave to use separate Apple IDs for each child while activating iCloud on each device.

Download the App

After activating find my phone next step is to download the Find My iPhone app from the App Store. You will use then use it to locate devices when they go missing. For downloading, open the App Store on your device, tap on the Search button and enter the app name in the search field. To download it to your device tap INSTALL APP. You have to enter your password after this it will automatically download to your device and be ready for use.

How to Use the App

To locate mobile phone position free when your device is lost open the Find My iPhone app and enter your Apple ID and password. It will search for all devices associated with the Apple ID you entered. If the device which is lost devices is on and connected to the Internet it will show on a map. Select the misplaced device from the list of devices associated with ID and you will see a screen with the following options: Play Sound, Lost Mode or Lock, and Erase iPhone.

Play Sound:

If you tap on play Sound button it will simply make the missing device start playing a binging sound. The sound will play on your lost device for two minutes at full volume. This feature is helpful to locate that missing iPhone that was misplaced somewhere in the house. You will be surprised a missing device can be located simply by following the sound very quickly. The sound will play even if the device is on silent mode.

Lost Mode or Lock:

If your device new and is running iOS 6, you will see the Lost Mode option too. Devices which are running on iOS 5 will have an option to lock the device. Both these options are designed to prevent someone from using a lost device by locking the device. You will be asked to set a passcode remotely that must be entered to unlock the device. Lost Mode allows you to track the device as it moves.

Erase iPhone:

This option allows you to erase all personal data from your missing device which makes your data secure. If the device is not connected to the Internet, the data will be erased the next time when it is online. We hope so you are very clear about locate a cell phone position free online  How To Get Spotify Premium Free On iPhone? 

Erase iPhone
Erase iPhone

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