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iPhone Is Disabled Connect To iTunes How To Unlock

Have you at any point gotten your iPhone to find the message “iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes how to unlock” and to “attempt again in 1 minute” or to attempt again in 5 mins, 15 mins or in an hour? In this worst situations, the message says “iPhone is disabled’. Now ”connect it with iTunes” and the gadget is unusable up to that point. Anyway, what is happening here, for what reason is the iPhone disabled? Furthermore, how would you fix it with the goal that you can use your iPhone once more? These are some general questions and before answering them let’s just quickly go through the causes of this message.

iPhone disabled connect to iTunes how to unlock without computer

when a locked iPhone is turned on it requires a passcode or touch id to access the device as a security measure. if the passcode is entered incorrectly five times in a row the iPhone will be disabled for 1 minute showing error message (iPhone is disabled) on screen . in order to avoid the further inconvenience after 1 minute enter the passcode right and easily avoid this error message and lockout period .but sometimes  you enter wrong password  10 times in a row which will put your iPhone automatically on disable mode and it will say connect to iTunes. Waiting for one minute is not a big deal but waiting for 1 hour or connecting your iPhone with iTunes is a big deal and very time-consuming. So if you want to avoid connecting your iPhone to the iTunes you have to enter the right password before its too late.

iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes

Sometimes you don’t enter the password still your iPhone shows that it is disabled so what can be the possible reason behind that? There are many reasons but we’ll just discuss two of them

 firstly the pocket disable :- your iPhone can be turned on in your pocket and wrong password attempts can be done without even your attention going there it can be your hoodie pocket, your hip pocket, front pocket, jeans pocket, side pocket, etc. iPhone slide feature can be swiped from anywhere and it can be dangerous too as it can disable your iPhone. If you don’t notice that on time that would be compulsory for you to connect your iPhone to iTunes.

iPhone Is Disabled

secondly, person disables There are two types of individuals interaction that can disable iPhone, intentionally entering a passcode, someone trying your passcode and then disabling it as a failure – u And the other type, the unintentional passcode entry, usually triggered by kids. Mostly parents and caretakers of young kids face this problem when kids swipe and unintentionally tap on the screen that will ultimately disable the iPhone.

How to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes

This is the worst scenario if you have forgotten your passcode and you don’t have access to your iTunes too. This means you have to erase all the data and start-up with all things just like new. Backups are sometimes very important.

My iPhone is disabled won’t connect to iTunes

If you have never synced your mobile with Itunes you’ll have to put your iPhone in recovery mode that erases the data in your phone as well as the passcode. Follow the simple steps to put your phone in recovery mode.

  1. Disconnect all the leads connected to the phone
  2. Turn off your phone by press holding its power button.
  3. Press and hold the power button with the home button
  4. Keep holding the button until you see connect to iTunes on screen.
  5. iTunes will alert you they have detected a device in the backup
  6. Press ok and restore the device.
  7. iPhone disabled fixed without iTunes

In some easy steps, you will be able to fix your iPhone

  1. Plus USB in your computer but not on your iPhone.
  2. Launch iTunes.
  3. Press and hold the home button and power button for 10 seconds.
  4. Keep holding the home button and leave the power button.
  5. Jow plugs the USB dock and connects if with mac or pc.
  6. iPhone would show messages iPhone has detected in recovery mode.

iPhone disabled bypass

Some software also helps you to easily bypass this problem. Although they are sometimes not safe to use some of them have high success rate such as lock wiper. They claim to remove any type of lock without face id or fingerprint, passcode, etc.

How to unlock disabled iPhone 6 without iTunes

If you want the safest way to get back your iPhone without iTunes. You have to forget your data as it will get erased. All you have to put your device in recovery mode and then restore all the data and here you go. But if iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes how to unlock will be showed you in help options.

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