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iPhone 6 battery Recall

Here in this article, we’re going to discuss iPhone 6 battery life recall? For this purpose, we must have to do some tests and analyse the situation carefully. And we did this for you!

iPhone 6 battery recall (comparing to others):

Here we are presenting you with the iPhone 6 battery recallSideways from the battery disgrace nearby Apple at current, the hard truths are there has been nominal development in actual usage periods for numerous peers. This isn’t astonishing observing at the tumble in battery bulks:

  • iPhone 6 – 1810 mAh
  • iPhone 6S – 1715 mAh
  • iPhone 7 – 1960 mAh
  • iPhone 8 – 1,821 mAh
iPhone 6 battery Recall
iPhone 6 battery Recall

Apple iPhone 6 battery problems-a recall:

Considering iPhone 6 battery recall, as many iPhone 6 holders have exposed, a bit is wrong with the battery. A virus or a flaw grounds the phone to bang intensely: the power might drop from 50% or 30% to 1% per cent and other times the iPhone just closes down overall.

After the layer came out, it is overheard from lots of readers who said they too are suffering through thoughtful battery subjects. Many also protested how Apple is providing them with the run-around.

Indication of a hardware problem also originates from rumours of those clients who went to Apple Stores and substituted their batteries. It is heard straight from plentiful customers who waged for substitutes and then exposed that the problem expired away. No more unexpected drops in power or wonder phone shutdowns.

Apple’s initiative:

Apple has determined that a very small amount of iPhone 6s devices might unpredictably shut down. This is not a care matter and only disturbs devices within a restricted serial number variety that were factory-made between September and October 2015.

If you have practised this subject, please use the serial number inspector on Apple’s site to see if your iPhone 6s is qualified for a battery replacement, How To Get Spotify Premium Free On iPhone? of charge or might be in 30$ according to some sources.

Replacement Process:

Select one of the facility choices to have your battery substituted. Your iPhone will be inspected previous to any service to confirm that it is qualified for this package and in working order. Please call your service supplier to settle that battery replacement service is obtainable on the day you visit them.

Note: Wireless carter associates are not joining in this program.

To prepare your iPhone 6s for the battery replacement procedure in this iPhone 6 battery recall campaign, please trail the steps underneath:

  • Back-up your data to iTunes or iCloud.
  • Turn off Find my iPhone
  • Erase data and settings in Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings

Note: If your iPhone 6s has any harm such as a cracked screen which spoils the replacement of the battery, that matter will need to be fixed preceding to the battery replacement and then you are eligible for this iPhone 6 battery recall. In some cases, there may be a cost related to the overhaul.

You should substitute your iPhone 6 battery if you’ve possessed the phone for a couple of years and if it senses sluggish than usual. Since Apple regulates performance as the battery jumps to lose its charging power, this is a decent method to make certain that your phone is still running in top shape.


The lawful instance for an iPhone 6 battery recall isn’t straight forward, which possibly will incompletely elucidate why Apple has not presented to substitute a wider number of batteries. Nevertheless, the company is imminent a point where there’s a convincing public affairs case for an iPhone 6 battery recall.

The optics of Apple delivering an iPhone 6 battery recall sign connected to its flagship creation wouldn’t be attractive, but neither is the substitute: Letting hypothetically millions of customers to have a very un-Apple practice, while also declining to even clear to them what’s going on.

The company’s snub to buck up for battery substitutes is also annoying given the bizarre size of its cash hoard, which stood at $237 billion in late October. In other words, Apple might substitute every iPhone 6 battery on the planet—and throw in a free pony—without aching its general monetary place.

But in its place, the company seems resolved on clingy to the situation that its batteries are just well, thank you very much, and to reckoning on its trustworthy clients to play along. That faithfulness, however, could be verified the lengthier this goes on.

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