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How To Take A Screenshot On iPhone XR, iPhone Xs, iPhone X

Since the beginning of iPhone’s taking a screenshot has consisted of pressing the side button or sometimes the power button and the home button at the same time. But in new phones, as there is no home button so the procedure of taking a screenshot is also changed. In the upcoming phone, because of no home button, it introduced new things. The function that you can perform with the home button is also changed. Having no home button bound to be a few new things to learn to take a screenshot is one thing from them. So How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone Xr? Fortunately, it’s very easy on Apple’s new phone you have to simply press the Side button and the Volume Up button at the same time. If you don’t get it to continue reading full step by step procedure is below there.


How to Take A Screenshot On iPhone Xr Step By Step:

Screenshots from your iPhone are a great way of sharing moments from your favourite videos, high scores of your games, conversations on social networks like Twitter or Facebook, bugs you want to report, and almost anything and everything you are seeing on your screen.  So, How to take a Screenshot on iPhone XR exactly? Here is the procedure of How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone Xr but make sure everything you perform is in order.

  • First, go to the screen you want to take the screenshot.
  • Press the side button also known as sleep/wake button and Volume Up button simultaneously on your iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, or iPhone XR .which is very easy you can simply press the side button and click the Volume up button.
  • When you do this the iPhone screen will flash, and you will hear the sound of click also if it is enabled.

Also, Note that if you hold the buttons for the too long screen with the “slide to power off” switch and Emergency SOS option will appear. And if you still continue holding the buttons past that screen, you will start the countdown clock for Emergency SOS to call 911. So be careful while taking a screenshot by this method. It may take you a few tries to get used to the new screenshot method but it’s very similar to Android phones if you are an android user before then it’s good news for you.

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An Alternative Way Of How to Take a Screenshot On iPhone Xr:

How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone Xr without using button because pressing button will mess you by opening power of screen and SOS call. So don’t worry is another method too from which you can take a screenshot on iPhone Xr. Alternatively, you can take screenshots on iPhone Xr using Assistive Touch. Let’s check out this procedure. By this method, you can Take Screenshot on iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max or iPhone XR without using Sleep/Wake and Volume Up Buttons

  • Tap on Settings and then Tap on General in IOS 11 on iPhone
  • Tap on Accessibility then tap on Assistive Touch of iPhone.
  • Turn On the Assistive Touch. Which Enable Assistive Touch on your iPhone Xr
  • Tap on Assistive Touch shortcut on iPhone Xr
  • Tap on Device in Assistive Touch on the iPhone X
  • Then Tap on more than tap on Screenshot.

This is about How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone Xr through assistive touch. Take Screenshots on iPhone Xr Without using Buttons and screen through this method. That’s all!


Take a screenshot on iPhone Xr by simply pressing volume button or side button simultaneously or through assistive touch. There is something more to it. After capturing screenshot you can also edit it with markup tool, share it, or delete it from the device. Taking screenshots is the most-used iPhone features, and with iOS 11’s add up of new screenshot editing features, it’s more useful than before. But you are habitual of always taking a screenshot by pressing the Side button and Home button o iPhone, so this change in iPhone Xr will irritate you in first few days and then you will find it more useful than before. That’s all about How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone Xr?

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