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How to Sync Google Calendar with iPhone?

First in the olden times of the iPhone, syncing Google Calendar with the iPhone Agenda app was a complicated procedure, but present versions of iOS provision Google accounts deprived of any extra trifling.

How to Sync iPhone Calendar with Google Calendar:

Apple’s iOS working system chains connections to Google accounts. To sync your iPhone and Google calendars here are some steps for how to sync google calendar with iPhone.

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Settings.
  2. Choice and select Passwords & Accounts.
  3. Former versions of iOS called this Accounts & Passwords.
  4. Choose Add Account from the bottommost of the list.
  5. In the list of legitimately maintained selections, select Google.
  6. Go in your Google Account email address and password. If you’ve set up two-factor verification, you’ll want to log into your account to set up an app password and make usage of that as your password when you set up the account in iOS. Tap Next. You’ll see sliders for Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Notes. If you lone need to sync the calendar, deselect the whole thing except Calendar.
  7. Hit Save and pause for your calendars to sync with your iPhone. Liable on the scope of your calendars and the rapidity of your connection, this procedure can take numerous minutes.
  8. Open the Calendar
  9. At the bottommost of the screen, tap Calendars exhibit a list of all calendars to which your iPhone has an entree. It’ll contain all of your private, shared, and community calendars connected to your Google Account.
  10. Choice or abandon the separate calendars you need to seem when you’re retrieving the iOS calendar app.
How to Sync Google Calendar with iPhone
How to Sync Google Calendar with iPhone

Can You Sync Multiple Google and Apple Calendars?

If acquired over one Google account you can increase as many Google accounts as you need to your iPhone. The agendas from each account will be observable in the iOS Calendar app.

Selecting which calendars to sync with your iOS device:

In the guide about how to sync google calendar with iPhone, we’ll tell you now about the selection procedure for syncing the calendar. Trail the following steps to do so!

  1. To ensure this, you first want to stay in the sync settings in Google Calendar.
  2. If you’re engaged into your Google account, you must get a list of all your calendars, with a chequered box following next to them. Tick the boxes alongside the agendas you want to sync with your iOS device. Shared Calendars must be carefully chosen separately, and they’re unimpeded by defaulting. This means you must recurrence these last little steps when a new calendar is pooled to safeguard it syncs with your iOS device.
  3. When you’re completed choosing calendars, tick the Save button in the bottom-right corner. Later, open the Calendar app on your iOS device and pause for it to sync. That’s it! All your calendars must be complete and waiting for you.

Export your calendar from iCloud to Google Calendar:

However if in the guide ‘’how to sync google calendar with iPhone’’, you are looking for transferring calendar from iCloud to your Google calendar. Here we also provide you with this syncing method. Have a look!

Numerous iPhone owners stock agenda entries in Apple’s iCloud somewhat than locally on their device. To get this info into a Google calendar, you’ll requisite to manually transfer the information and upload it to Google Calendar. We disrupt the procedure down into easy-to-follow ladders:

  1. Go to your iPhone’s Settings menu and choose Password & Accounts.
  2. Validate your iOS device is charted into your iCloud account.
  3. On your PC’s web browser, open icloud.com and sign in to your iCloud account.
  4. Click the Calendar icon to open the Calendar interface.
  5. On the left panel, click the Calendar Sharing “Wi-Fi” button alongside the agenda you want to disseminate.
  6. In the popup box, tick Public Calendar.
  7. Click the Copy Link shortcut to stock the subsequent speech in memory.
  8. On a new web browser tab or window, paste the copied URL.
  9. Change webcam at the start of the URL to HTTP and press Enter.
  10. Your Web browser will transfer a file with a name made up of random typescripts. This file is in point of fact a copy of your iCloud Calendar entrances.
  11. Save the file to a suitable folder on your computer. It spontaneously saves with the *.ics extension.

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