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How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone XR?

iPhone X was no doubt one of the best phones in the history of mobile phones. But sometimes people argue that why did apple remove the battery percentage from the top left corner of the iPhone? Due to the notch effect off depth camera. There is no enough space left for the battery percentage but that doesn’t the feature is gone entirely there are still some ways in which you can see the battery percentage but it’s not like that. The iOS settings are made according to the design of iPhone X you can see the battery percentage option. Anywhere because the option is already activated and hidden in the control center panel. I know you already thought that you won’t be able to know what is your battery status until your phone shuts don’t. well you can still perform some simple gestures to exactly know How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone XR?

 How to show battery percentage on iPhone  xs

iPhone how hard it is to live without knowing your battery percentage. Battery percentage allows you to adjust your usage according to the power left in the tank. Imagine you are traveling in a car and there is no car charger in it, you are bored and you decide to play a game. What is the first thing you would do? You will look at your battery percentage and check if you have enough power left in tank or not and if you don’t have a percentage of your battery. I can understand the level of your frustration. Well in all the models after iPhone there is no battery percentage option and I wish why they took this feature but thanks to the depth camera.

How to put battery percentage on iPhone XR

Are you on IOS 12 and you want the battery percentage back on your phone without performing any additional step? You are on the right page. We all know how it feels to use an iPhone without looking at its battery percentage. So now it is possible but the first step towards it is JAILBREAK. If you are okay jailbreaking your device you can easily put battery percentage without sacrificing the battery icon. All you have to do is to find battery percent 12 tweak and you will find battery percentage in the top left corner of your iPhone. Other than that it will be easy for you to change the color of the battery symbol and percentage with other additional features. (Note:- jailbreak is not recommended as it makes your device illegal)

How to show battery percentage on iPhone XR all the time

There is no way to show the battery percentage with the battery icon without jailbreak. But as far as the battery percentage is concerned it can be checked in some other ways too. Some third-party apps allow you to know the battery percentage. As well as the sliding from the upper right corner of your iPhone can help you find the battery percentage too.

How to turn on battery percentage on iPhone xs max

Due to the notch, there is no space left for the battery percentage. So Apple figured out the best way is to remove the battery percentage in other iPhones below iPhone X. It was possible for you to turn on your battery percentage in the settings. Above iPhone X the battery percentage option is removed from the settings. While you can still look at the battery percentage by sliding down right corner of your iPhone. other ways to know the battery percentage is to see in settings > battery > last charged.

how to show battery percentage on iphone xs max

how to show battery on iPhone

Models below iPhone such as iPhone 8 or 8 plus. iPod or iPad whatever the device is. It is very easy to turn on the battery percentage just by going into the settings where you have to find the battery. Tap on it and then turn on the battery percentage. In these simple steps, you will be able to turn on the battery percentage of your iPhone and plan your work accordingly.

How to get battery percentage on iPhone XS

You would be thinking that you have to unlock your iPhone to know the battery percentage? You are wrong. No matter what screen you are on all you have to do is to swipe from the right corner of your handset. You will know the percentage and you will be returned to the page you were on in no time.

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