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Take A Look On How To Screen Record On iPhone 8?

Screen recording is the new iOS feature that has become essential in today’s world. Where the video is becoming one of the most used mediums for communication, marketing, education, entertainment and many more things. This is mainly because videos are not only appealing to the viewers because of their natural mode of communication but are also a great way to visualize information making it easier to comprehend. This not only will save you time and unnecessary effort but will also be quite helpful when you suddenly see something important on your phone and want to record it in a video but some users who do not know how to get screen record on iPhone 8 can get read this article for help.

Hence to get these videos, screen recording can be done which proves to be a hassle-free way to get video footage directly from your phone screen. As you do not need to connect any wires to your devices to get your content in the form of a video. You can just select the screen recording option on your iPhone 8 and easily mirror the display screen in a video for as long as you want.

How do you screen record on an iPhone 8?

Well, no need to stress about it as I have got you covered on that too! So to begin with. You need to know how to screen record on iPhone 8. It’s quite simple, just go to the settings app on your home screen. Then click on Control Centre from the list displayed and choose to customize controls. Once you’ve done that, scroll down through all the options and try to spot screen recording.

After you find screen recording click on the small plus sign next to it. This will add the screen recording option to your control center making it more accessible to you. You can even change its order in the way it is placed by holding the three lines on the extreme right of each option on the mobile screen and dragging it in the order you want as per your priorities. This will help you customize your control center giving it a more personalized overall look to fit your requirements.

How to turn on screen record on iPhone 8?

Next, you need to know is about turning on the screen record. For this, you need to first swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone 8 screen to open the control center. Here you’ll see a white dot enclosed within another white circular boundary, which is the icon for screen recording. From here there are two ways you can go about with your screen recording depending on you. Whether you want your screen recorded video with audio or just the visuals without the audio. So if you want to capture only the visuals on the screen of your iPhone 8, just tap on the screen recording icon and in about three seconds the screen recording will begin.

How to turn on screen record on iPhone 8

 Screen Record iPhone 8 No Sound

How to put screen record on iPhone 8? Alternatively, if you want to tape the visuals along with the background sound.

Then you must know about how do u screen record on iPhone 8. 

  1. Click on the screen recording icon for some time until a display will pop up on your mobile screen.
  2. Click on the microphone sign present on the bottom of that pop-up displayed screen.
  3. The sign will turn red indicating that the audio will be recorded as well. In the case of screen recording. It’s similar to recording the video without audio.
  4. Just tap on the ‘Screen Recording’ option or you could start back over at the control center after enabling the microphone and clicking on the screen recording icon.
  5. The notifications bar on the top of the screen of your iPhone 8 will turn red.
  6. Approximately after three seconds showing that the screen recording has begun.

Next, just swipe down from the top of your iPhone 8 screen to close the control center and carry on your process of whatever content you want to screen record. After you’re done. Swipe up again from the bottom to open the control center and simply click on the screen recording icon. Another way you could stop recording is by clicking on the red notifications bar on the top of your iPhone 8 screen and tapping on Stop. The red color will disappear from the top notifications bar and the screen recording will stop immediately. The screen recording video will automatically be saved to Photos on your iPhone 8. So you can access them easily anytime you need them.

How to screen record on iPhone 8 Plus? If you learnt about how to do you screen record on iPhone 8 but you own the latest version of iPhone 8, even then you don’t have to worry. It is the same process as doing it on the iPhone 8. Hopefully, you have now understood how you can use the amazing screen record feature on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. How you can benefit from it in several ways.