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How To Get Spotify Premium Free On iPhone?

Spotify free users are allowed to enjoy Spotify Music but with the limited functions, like the shuffle-only listening mode, the bundled ads, online listening mode and etc. They cannot fully enjoy the Spotify in free with Spotify premium trial they have to pay the bill. But there is a way to fully enjoy Spotify music at any time anywhere in the world because it is better to find out the way for how to get Spotify premium free on iPhone instead of paying a bill in order to subscribe the Spotify premium. So knowing your needs of getting free premium Spotify we are going to tell you how you can get Spotify premium on iPhone in free with no jailbreak.

How To Get Spotify Premium Free On iPhone Without Jailbreak

Fortunately, there is a tweak known as Spotify++ that can help you get Spotify Premium for completely free in iPhone. It’s developed by a third-party developer but you cannot download it from the App Store. Just follow the below instructions and you will have this app installed on your iPhone even without jailbreak it. If this article, we will show you the methods to install Spotify++ on your iPhone which answers the question that how to get Spotify premium free on iPhone?

Get Spotify Premium Free By TutuApp iInstaller:

How To Get Spotify Premium?The first method of how to get Spotify premium free on iPhone is to use an app installer which is called TutuApp. A bonus is that It doesn’t require to use a computer or jailbreak your device. Once you’ve it installed TutuApp in your iPhone, you can have access to not only Spotify++ but many other cool tweaks also. But the question is how to install Sptoify++ form tutu app

  • Open Safari and then go to TutuApp’s Home Page
  • Wait for the website to load, when it is loaded tap on the “Install now” button. When prompted, tap on Install to confirm. The website will guide you fully on how to install it properly as well.
  • Go back to the home screen of your iPhone and wait until the installation completes. When it is completed you should see the Tutuapp’s icon on the home screen.
  •  When you open it for the first time on your phone, it will announce you that the app’s developer has not been trusted. Then go to Settings > General > Device Management, then under the Enterprise App section, find and trust the certificate of TutuApp app.
  • Launch TutuApp on iPhone, search for Spotify++ in the search field. You can also find it featured on the homepage of TutuApp as well because it’s a popular app. Just click on the Download button of Spotify ++ and select Install when TutuApp asks you to confirm the installation.

Once it’s installed on your iPhone, you can start using it from them. Spotify++ will help you get almost all the premium features of Spotify is free. But it’s not permanent. Note that the Spotify++ app is not available permanently because Apple can revoke the certificate of the app at any time. This is one method of how to get Spotify premium free on iPhone. You can also do it in another way.

Get Spotify premium free by TutuApp installer
Get Spotify premium free by TutuApp installer

Install Spotify++ Using Cydia Impactor:

Another method of how to get Spotify premium free on iPhone is through Cydia impactor. The disadvantage of this method is that you need to use your computer every 7 days because the app needs to be re-installed every 7 days due to Apple’s restrictions on free accounts and Spotify premium login for free.

  • Before starting this, remove the Spotify app from your device. On your computer, click the link to download the IPA file of Spotify++.
  • Once you do that plug in your phone and open Cydia Impactor on your pc
  • Drag Spotify IPA in Cydia Impactor and enter your iTunes and password
  • Then you will see Spotify++ in your profile page in settings, verify it
  • After installing the Spotify++ app open the Settings app and navigate to General > Profiles & Device Management and find the Spotify++ app profile (should be your Apple ID). Open it and click ‘Trust’ twice.
  • That’s all you’re able to listen to any song with all the Premium features

That’s it. We showed you two methods of how to get Spotify premium free on iPhone. Hopefully, you will successfully install and it can help you enjoy music on your iPhone.

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