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How To Change Apple ID Password?

It’s time to discuss in detail how to change apple id password. In your iPhone your Apple ID password is what through which you access to iTunes, share photos via iCloud, utilize iMessage—and much more. But fear not in this situation, changing your Apple ID password on iPhone is very easy and you only need to perform a few easy steps. Whether you’ve forgotten your Apple ID password or just want to reset your Apple password for security purposes, we will tell in detail about both of methods. Knowing how to change apple id password will save you from any difficulty.

How To Change Apple id Password If You Know The Password?

To clear any confusion here, let us tell you that your Apple ID password on your iPhone is the same thing as your iTunes Password and cloud password. Steps of how to change apple id password are as follows. Follow these steps in sequence to change your Apple ID password. With your Apple ID account, you can have access to Apple services like the App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime and more. If you want to change your password and you know your Apple ID password when changing it is very easy. If you want to change it, follow these steps.

  • On your new iPhone with iOS 10.3 or later
  • Tap on Settings > [your name] > Password & Security.
  • Tap on Change Password.
  • Change password screen will appear on iPhone
  • You have to enter your current password or device passcode, then enter a new password and then confirm the new password.
  • Tap on Change or Change Password.
  • That’s all you Apple ID password is changed.
  • Now you can Sign in with your new Apple ID password to access Apple features and services.


How To Change Apple Id Password If You Forgot

What if you forgot apple id password on iPhone? Then how to change apple password? In this case, there is little trouble for you. If you don’t remember your Apple ID password, then you have to first reset it. After you reset your password, then you need to update your Apple ID and password in each service that you’re using before.

So if you forgot your Apple ID password and now want to reset it, you can follow the steps below to change. You can reset your ID password on the Apple account page, then you have to choose one of these ways to recover your password either Email or security questions, and you can select the method that is best for you. Which means you can only use your email address or security questions to recover your Apple ID password for this method.

Here are the steps to change

  • Open up the page to reset your Apple ID password.
  • Enter your Apple ID account there and then enter the characters to verify.
  • Then you’ll need to enter your phone number which confirms that you’re the owner.
  • Then Select I need to reset my password and click on Continue.
  • two options will appear
  • Get an email: if you choose this option then you’ll receive an email on your account from Apple. Open the email and click Reset Now in the email and then follow the instructions.
  • Answer security questions: if you select answering the questions option then follow the on-screen instructions to reset your Apple ID password. Be careful while typing the answers you have to type the correct answers.
  • If you successfully done with the above steps you should have reset your Apple ID password finally

Keep The Following Things In Mind While Creating A New Password:

After knowing how to change apple id password you should know about what things you will consider while creating your password. For the next time when you create a new password keep following things in mind. Your new Apple ID password must contain at least eight characters, a number, an uppercase letter, and a lowercase letter to make it strong. You can’t use spaces in your password and the same character three times in a row, your Apple ID, or a password that you’ve used in the last year.

We hope that you are very clear about how to change apple id password after reading this article. We tried our best to help you.

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