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How To Block No Caller Id On iPhone?

Receiving repeated calls from unknown numbers is just irritating for everyone. Nothing can be worse than persistent calls from blocked, unknown, and private callers with no caller id.No caller ID calls can occur on any smartphone and they are like normal phone calls but they hide their identification removed from the calls for some purpose. No Caller ID calls are also known as masked calls, unknown calls, and hidden calls. So are you getting a lot of calls from unknown numbers like spammers, telemarketers etc. with “No Caller ID”. And you want to know how to block no caller id on iPhone. Because you cannot identify the number of a caller before answering the call. These calls may also be labelled on your phone as Anonymous, Private, or Blocked. So if you ask how do I block unknown callers then continue reading you will get the answer to your question

Methods Of How To Block No Caller id On iPhone?

You are receiving these calls because, in the USA, The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandates that cellular carriers allow many people the ability to block their Caller ID, hence No Caller ID. Some ordinary people also want to block the display of their telephone numbers because of privacy concerns. But in them more and more are telemarketers, spammers using No Caller ID because they do not want to be known. The good news for you is that you can block specific callers/numbers on your iPhone. In this short article, I am going to explain the ways how to block no caller id on iPhone. There are two methods to do this:

Methods of how to block no caller id on iPhone
Methods of how to block no caller id on iPhone

Method 1: Enable Do Not Disturb Mode

How to block no caller id on iPhone? Answer to this question is that you can block unknown callers on the iPhone using the Do Not Disturb mode. This mode silent the calls.

  • Go to Settings and enable Do Not Disturb mode
  • Choose Manually and turn on Do Not Disturb on your iPhone. You will see a moon icon in the status bar when it is on.
  • Tap on Allows Calls From
  • Then Choose “All Contacts”
  • All calls from numbers who are not already added to your address book will be silenced. Which means that “No Caller ID” calls will be silenced because they are not in your contacts.

This is one method of how to block no caller id on iPhone.

Method 2: By Using Contacts

Let us study the second method of how to block no caller id on iPhone. Create a new contact on your iPhone. You may name this new contact as “No Caller ID”. Here is how you can do that:

  • Launch the Phone app
  • Tap on Contacts
  • tap the + button to add a new number
  • As phone number, enter 000-000-0000 in your contacts.
  • Tap on Done
  • Scroll down there and tap on Block this caller. A popup will appear for confirmation that “you will not receive phone calls, messages or FaceTime from people on the block list” then tap on Block Contact

This will silence calls from unknown numbers and you’ll also be able to avoid calls from numbers having no caller id. Because you’ve set a preference that only calls from known contacts in your iPhone will be allowed to ring through. It would be a wonderful method for you.

Other Methods Of How To Block No Caller Id On iPhone:

How can I set up my phone to not accept calls without caller id? The answer is if you have tried both methods and they neither works for how to block no caller id on iPhone. Don’t worry, though, there is one more method through which you can use to restrict calls from private numbers. Then you can get help from Your Service Provider to Block Unknown Calls on Your iPhone. Contact your phone company to see whether or not an option is available to block numbers without caller id in your iPhone.  Check with your service provider to see if there’s an anonymous call-blocking option built into your plan on not.

If your phone company can’t offer this then there is another way of how to block no caller id on iPhone by installing a third-party app. They will do this work for you. There is many block unknown callers iPhone app. You can stop nuisance calls by using several third-party apps that can help.

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