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How To Block A Number On iPhone?

Most spam calls are annoying but are harmless which means calls from promotional companies like you hear a recorded voice spout off about loan debt forgiveness, dental care plans, solar panels, and so on, and … you hang up. While others that are both annoying and harmful for you. Like someone irritating you or any wrong number whose purpose is just to annoy you by calling again and again. In the worst case, these calls may be from scam one that is trying to deceive you by blackmailing you or by asking you for money. If anyone is asking you for money then be careful. End that how to block unknown calls on iphone immediately because authenticating companies will not ask you for money in any case. To keep yourself safe from there things a question arises here how to block your number on an iPhone?

How to block a phone number on iPhone to deal with scam calls?

In a modern word your contact leaks in no time so getting calls from wrong ones is normal. But we the mobile companies are here to find a solution for you. So that you can deal with this situation easily. Having the option of blocking calls on your phone is not less than a blessing. You are able to get yourself How To Get Spotify Premium Free On iPhone?  from these annoying calls.

Moving on to IOS is not easy for everyone. Because when you move to iPhone everything changes. Its functionality is different from any other operating system so is with blocking number. So how to block a number on iPhone?

Steps to block a number on iPhone:

So if you want to know how to block a number on iPhone? Then there are some steps.

  • Open home screen, tap on the phone icon which is a white phone in a green square and is surely at the bottom of your phone in the favourites bar
  • If you want to block the number from recent calls then tap the “Recent” icon. You will see the calls that have come into your phone in order.
  • Tap the info icon in front of contact. Which is a blue sign on small “I” in a blue circle in the column at the right side of the screen, that’s in line with the number at issue?
  • You will see the “Block this caller” words at the bottom of the next screen. Tap on it
  • A pop up will appear for confirmation. Tap the red words “Block Contact” on the popup message.
  • Steps to block a number on iPhone
    Steps to block a number on iPhone

How to block your contact in iPhone:

Question how to block a number on iPhone is answered. But what if you want to block a contact from your phone. Yes, sometimes the contact that is in your phone also become irritating for you when you are done with them. So if you want to block a contact that is already on your phone it’s even easier.

So here is the procedure

Tap on the contact and when their contact page open tap on “Block this Caller” at the bottom of their page. That’s all. They’re blocked and no more here to irritate you

What if you want to prevent calls temporarily? Then blocking should not be a reasonable choice for you. iPhone has a solution to this problem so you can turn on the do not disturb mode. When this mode is on you will not receive any calls, messages, and alerts notification from anyone.

How to manage blocked contacts?

After knowing how to block your phone number on iphone?

You should know how to manage blocked contacts on your iPhone. Managing block contact on your phone is so easy. To see the phone numbers and contacts that you’ve blocked from Phone or Messages

  • Go to Settings then tap on Phone and open Call Blocking & Identification.
  • To see blocked messages Go to Settings tap on Messages and then tap on Blocked
  • To add a contact from your Phone to blocklist go to Settings tap on Phone, open Call Blocking & Identification, open Block Contact. Then tap the contact that you want to block from your contacts.

So whether it’s a salesperson, frenemy, or someone you just need a break from for a bit, Apple lets you limit your communication from the outside world. If you have people or unknown, annoying numbers that you’d prefer not to see messages or receive phone by blocking them. This will make your life easier.so we hope that you get the answer to your question how to block a number on iPhone?

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