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Does iPhone 8 Have Portrait Mode?

Portrait mode was first introduced in iPhone 7 plus. It is an arty photo format that uses the dual camera of the device to create depth effect where the subject is in focus and background is blurred just like a DSLR camera. It was a revolution in the history mobile phone but now the question is Does iPhone 8 have portrait mode? And the answer is very simple. NO. Portrait mode is only available on the Plus models of the iPhone. 7 Plus, 8 plus and iPhone X that comes in a complete package.

Does iPhone 8 plus have portrait mode?

As mentioned earlier portrait mode is only available on the Plus models of the iPhone. Apple was the first one to introduce portrait mode now google, Samsung and Huawei have its names for the same feature. The dual-lens feature in iPhone 8 plus acts differently in portrait mode. Both lenses serve a different purpose. The telephoto lens captures the image while the wide-angle lens identifies how far the image is, after that it uses it to create the ninth layer depth map. The depth map made by a wide-angle lens is very important as it helps the apple image processor to decide what should be sharp and what should be blurred.

iPhone 8 plus have a portrait mode to make photos look more natural and like DSLR but it can also capture simple photos with help of standard photo mode. This mode does not use the dual camera to create depth effect it just uses the simple telephoto lens to capture the image (the quality of the photo sometimes depends on software of the device too). iPhone 8 plus have one of the best cameras apple has ever used the image processor goes through the layers one after one and blurs them. This effect is also known as “bokeh.”  In photographic terminology.

Does the iPhone 8 have a portrait mode?

although iPhone 8 does not have a dual-camera like 8 plus it is also one of the best camera ever used by Apple. On paper, the 12 MP back camera on the iPhone 8 is, similar to the screen, indistinguishable to the snapper. That implies you get a similar f/1.8 aperture, a 5 X advanced zoom, optical picture adjustment and Live Photos backing of the iPhone 7. One of the main difference f between the 8 and the 8 Plus is the double camera. This permits a 2 x optical zoom by changing from one to the next, or both acting together can get profundity through parallax, just like your eyes do.

Does the iPhone 8 have a portrait mode

The 8 comes up short on the additional camera, so it can’t get a similar impact. The upcoming iPhone XR should copy the impact with a solitary camera, yet the 8 doesn’t have the camera speed and handling oomph.

Why does the iPhone 8 not have portrait mode

iPhone 8 does not have the hardware that supports the portrait mode no upgrade in software can help you to get portrait mode on your iPhone 8 as it does not have the dual camera its not possible to create depth effect on iPhone 8 but with the help of some third-party apps you can change the lighting of the objects which will help you to take photos similar to portrait mode but not like the original ones.

iPhone 8 have portrait mode or not?

it’s a long asked question that does iPhone 8 have portrait mode or not? The Apple answer to this question is NO. According to a survey some people want a standard size mobile with an economical price and screen not bigger then 5.5. keeping that in mind Apple only offers dual camera in Plus models starting from iPhone 7 plus. The camera of the iPhone is almost similar to the camera of iPhone 7 with just a few changing.

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