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Connect iPhone to Samsung Smart TV

Connect iPhone to Samsung smart TV

Connect iPhone to Samsung smart TV by Airplay feature. If you don’t want a wire between your iPhone and your TV then the easiest way is to connect wirelessly. You can do this with Apple’s AirPlay feature, which allows you to mirror your iPhone to the Apple TV or Samsung …

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How To Block A Number On iPhone?

how to block a number on iPhone

Most spam calls are annoying but are harmless which means calls from promotional companies like you hear a recorded voice spout off about loan debt forgiveness, dental care plans, solar panels, and so on, and … you hang up. While others that are both annoying and harmful for you. Like …

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How To Set Up Voicemail On iPhone?

How to set up voicemail on iPhone

What is voicemail? for what purpose it is used? and how to set up voicemail on iPhone? Starting from the basics a voicemail is digitally recorded message which helps us in many ways. For example, if you are continuously calling someone and he/she is not picking up your phone. What …

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iPhone 6 battery Recall

iPhone 6 battery Recall

Here in this article, we’re going to discuss iPhone 6 battery life recall? For this purpose, we must have to do some tests and analyse the situation carefully. And we did this for you! iPhone 6 battery recall (comparing to others): Here we are presenting you with the iPhone 6 …

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How to Sync Google Calendar with iPhone?

How to Sync Google Calendar with iPhone

First in the olden times of the iPhone, syncing Google Calendar with the iPhone Agenda app was a complicated procedure, but present versions of iOS provision Google accounts deprived of any extra trifling. How to Sync iPhone Calendar with Google Calendar: Apple’s iOS working system chains connections to Google accounts. …

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How Do Dual Sim Phones Work?

How Do Dual Sim Phones Work

These days we can discover numerous phone manufacturers harvest dual SIM phones and trade them in stores. Then do you identify what dual SIM phones are and how do dual sim phones work? If you are fascinated in the reply, just keep an eye on the information below. How do …

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iPhone Battery Life Comparison


As customers and dealers change additional doings over to mobile plans, battery life is flattering a greater challenge and making unsolicited problems. Instead, it is certainly suitable for a customer to be viewing a video on a smartphone, be aided an ad for a pair of shoes and tick from …

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Where To Get iPhone Screen Fixed?

Where to get iPhone screen fixed

No matter how cautious we attempt to be, everybody descents their iPhone or iPod from time to time. Typically, the penalties of a drop aren’t stern, but in some circumstances, displays crack or smash. Some of these crashes are minor enhancing glitches that don’t affect whether you can use your …

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Which IPhone Has The Best Battery Life?

Which IPhone has the best battery life

Battery lifespan is gratifying a greater contest and producing unsought problems. Battery life is the quantity one most significant factor when it derives to picking a smartphone — coming above ease of usage, screen size, camera resolution, and touch screen. When requested, nearly half of all iPhone owners grilled named …

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