Difference Between Xbox One and Xbox One S

Difference Between Xbox One and Xbox One S || Features, Cost, Design or Resolution

If we talk about the difference between Xbox One and Xbox One S then there are many differences. Original Xbox One has the console itself which is a large, black, VCR-style box. It has packages due to its integrated IR blasters like the Kinect, Microsoft’s solution for voice recognition, motion tracking, and controlling your cable box or other TV services. The Xbox One was released a week after PlayStation 4, and these two consoles competed for each other and become strong competitors. While on the other had Xbox One S is streamlined, slightly faster than Xbox One with other improvements too.

Difference between Xbox One and Xbox One S in Design:

The difference that is visible through eyes between the Xbox One and Xbox One S is the shape of the body. First, Xbox one had a body which ditched the black for a beautiful white shell. While Xbox One S is a whopping 40% smaller than the Xbox One it doesn’t have the Xbox One’s power brick. Xbox One was black and the Xbox One S is white in appearance. The console of Xbox one S has been redesigned in small, smart ways. SO that it occupies less space. There’s also a USB port on the front of the console of Xbox one S instead of on the side which makes it easy to plug in USB sticks. If you like you can also stand the Xbox One vertically.

Difference between Xbox One and Xbox One S in Design
Difference between Xbox One and Xbox One S in Design

Features and Cost differences:

Difference between Xbox One and Xbox One S in terms of features is In Xbox One S the Kinect is missing. Xbox One S is not shipped with a Kinect and it does not have a dedicated Kinect port on the back of the console, as the Xbox One has. If you buy a Kinect and use it with your Xbox One S, you’ll need additional Kinect-to-USB adapter.

The controller bundled with the Xbox One S is also white. It includes improvements like a textured back for easy grip. It supports Bluetooth, which means you can connect X box S directly to a Windows PC and you don’t need to buy Xbox Wireless USB adapter.

Actually, The Xbox One was a little slower and $100 more expensive than the PlayStation 4.which results that Sony pulled ahead in sales. While Xbox One S costs around $299, which is similar to the price of the original Xbox one. Although Microsoft sometimes cuts down the price.

4k resolution difference between Xbox One and Xbox One S:

The big new improvements are a 4k resolution which means supporting the 4K resolution and HDR colour. Butt to enjoy 4k resolution you need a 4k TV too. And you’ll only get HDR content with Xbox one S if you have a 4K TV that supports HDR-10. Otherwise, you can’t notice any difference.

The Xbox One S too also isn’t actually so powerful for 4K gaming, unfortunately, so many games will still play in their normal resolution. The 4K support is for enjoying movies and TV shows from Netflix or 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs.

While games can’t take advantage of 4K, they can only use HDR when using the Xbox One S. This requires the game developer to enable support for HDR. Some game developers have done this by going back and adding this feature to their existing Xbox One games with patches, but not all developers have.

4k resolution is the main difference between Xbox One and Xbox One S.

Technical Difference between Xbox One and Xbox One S:

If we see technology, the Xbox One S is more powerful than the original Xbox One. Its graphics processor unit (GPU) runs about 7.1% faster than the Xbox One. Microsoft says that testing shows this may result in minor improvements to some games, and gamers found that true. But this isn’t a big reason to upgrade to Xbox One S, and you might not even notice the difference in many games.


So we can say that the Xbox One S is a redesigned, streamlined console which supports 4K and HDR but only on modern televisions. It can’t actually play games in 4K, but it’s a decent stopgap until Microsoft releases a console that can. If we consider it amount it cost you the same amount of money as the Xbox One. So it’s definitely a better choice for you than the Xbox One.

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